Google's Bard- A "Botched" Launch with $100 Billion Loss

Google's ambitious venture with the AI chatbot Bard has been met with mixed results. Wednesday saw a major event as false information presented by Bard led to a significant drop in Alphabet share prices; 7.68% and $99.37. This saw an incredible loss of market value for Google's parent company, Alphabet, estimated at around 100 billion dollars - a remarkable fall from grace.

How exactly the events took place?

Google got into hot water recently because of an event that didn't go as planned. A GIF clip posted revealed that their AI assistant( BOT), Bard, responded incorrectly when asked about the discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope.

In a recent press release last week, Google revealed an example of how their AI, Bard, responded to the question: "What new findings from the James Webb Space Telescope can I share with my 9-year-old?"

Bard gave three points in its answer, with one mentioning that the telescope "took the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system."

The repercussions of this inaccuracy were serious, as it caused the company's stock to drop, and people began to question how it happened.

Google has been known to be the leader in software and technology innovation, but their latest attempt at a chatbot launch event in Paris last week was anything but innovative. Not only was there a lack of interactivity and implementation, but reports say that even the employees were not as inviting as expected.

To add insult to injury, one of the presenters even forgot to bring the phone required for the demo, making it clear that Google still has some work to do if it wants to maintain its reputation as a leader in tech.

How did the stock plunge?

The plunge in Alphabet company's stock was a major setback. Google's Big Tech was supposed to be a major success, yet its launch was marred by errors that cost the company a whopping $100 billion. This caused the stock to plummet from its closing price of $107.64 to the lowest price settling at an alarming $99.37. Despite Google's best efforts, the damage had already been done, and investors were left skeptical about the future of Alphabet's stock.

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What was CEO Sibdar Pichai's stance?

The Bard Error certainly was a big mistake made by Google, and CEO Sundar Pichai had to apologize for it. He also asked his employees to give their 2 to 4 hours to improve the chatbot, which could be considered a positive development.

What are the experts' views?

Google may be suffering a stumble in the search department, but they're no losers in the race for generative AI and its surrounding business models. Google has always been a competitive company with its tools, so it's no surprise they're leading the charge against its tech rivals.

The Google Bard Chatbot Error is a minor error in an otherwise successful journey. With more advancements in AI and machine learning, Google is set to remain the frontrunner for the foreseeable future. It's clear that Google is a powerful force to be reckoned with regarding AI-based technology, and it looks like they won't be backing down anytime soon.


In the coming weeks, we will know if Google will remain at the forefront of technological innovation and maintain the trust of its customers. It's safe to say that this recent Bard Error wasn't one of Google's finer moments.