Government’s Strategy in Education

The temple of education is being used as a political arena. Government should pay attention to the improvement of education level and quality.

It has rightly been said that the environment of Educational institutions should be free from the impact of politics because it pollutes the entire teaching-learning atmosphere of the educational institution. The future citizens of the nation who join these educational institutions to get their education comes in grief of unwanted activities. In spite of devoting their time to deep study and researches they recklessly waste on unwanted things. They become mere puppets in the hands of dirty politics which ruins their carrier upto a great strength. A dedicated and hardworking young man becomes an unwanted personality in present-day society. A future doctor, engineer and research scholar who can contribute in a better way for the nation can't even give his normal contribution to the society and this is a great loss for the nation. Therefore, it is the prime duty of the government to control this critical situation. If the situation is not controlled for the time being it will destroy the entire phase of the society and may damage the real shape of a good nation.

What steps can be taken to control this alarming situation

  1. Strict law by the government.
  2. A team of dedicated citizens be formed at the national level.
  3.  Appointment of well-qualified and devoted college professors by UGC at the national level.
  4. Contribution of the national level brand ambassador in the field of Ethics and moral education.

Besides each and every student of this higher education institution must be motivated to be a part and partial of society not only this but the parents should also be involved to take a keen interest in the day-to-day activities of their sons and daughters who are getting education far away from their homes. We do hope that the role of some famous teachers may play an active role to minimize this problem in the interest of the nation. It has been said that the morning shows the day therefore the true direction of the real teachers to the youth of the nation will surely and certainly pave the path of future decisions in the time of real crisis. The real teachers are those who help us to think about ourselves. We do hope that the above-said discussion may be helpful to get a proper solution to the raised problem.